A journey of 1000 miles

I have always thought the unsolicited publishing of one’s thoughts and opinions to be a bit narcissistic and self-indulgent. For this reason, I have resisted having any sort of relationship with any sort of blog. I don’t read them. I don’t write them. I don’t like them.

Then I began toying with the notion of getting serious about writing and trying to actually make a living putting words on paper. As it turns out, my old-fashioned daydream of writing best-selling novels in a cabin by the ocean is naïve at least, romantic at best. Social networks, online magazines and the dreaded blog are popular, possibly even essential, points of entry when it comes to generating experience and exposure as a freelance writer these days. It’s not like I’m 100 years old, sitting in my wood paneled basement writing articles in shorthand. I’m hip. I’m with it. I have an iPhone and I know how to use it. But still. There’s something about blogging that makes me cringe.

And yet, here I sit, clattering away on the first of what will likely be many entries in the hopes that I will get over myself and into blogging in a positive, creative way. So, while my stories and posts will focus on adventures in travel and wanderlust, this first piece is about the most important journey of all – taking the first step.

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