What did people do before WordPress and Google and Tumblr and the Twitter? How did aspiring writers and photographers and generally creative people find a network and a platform for sharing and collaboration? Snail mail? Catalogues? As much as I love and prefer real-world connections (and I do, I even wrote about it here) it hurts my brain to imagine the effort it must have taken to kick-start any sort of creative career in a pre-internet world.

If I had to, though, I imagine it would look something like this:

Step 1 ~ Get a typewriter and a big, heavy desk with one of those brass lamps. Find a cabin somewhere remote in which to live and write. Pray for no mice.

Step 2 ~ Get a cat that will sit on my lap while I type and, if necessary, kill said mice.

Step 3 ~ Write a novel and put all my eggs in this one proverbial basket.

Step 4 ~ Mail novel in large manilla envelopes to a list of possible publishers that I suppose I must have found in the Yellow Pages. But then, how did I get their address? I guess maybe I called them first? I don’t even know. This is the part that really blows my mind.

Step 5 ~ Either sell my novel and be a rich, famous and widely respected Canadian writer whose bronzed bust is destined to appear in a fancy parliamentary hall or national library somewhere OR fail miserably and fall into an absinthe-induced stupor because it’s the only way to erase the memory of how I gambled and lost in the game of life.


In conclusion, blogs and, by extension, The Internet, really are the shit sometimes.

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